“Anti-Design” Collection




This collection is inspired by The Thing Theory developed by Bill Brown. The Thing Theory discusses the interaction between humans and objects. The interaction gives function to an object, however, Brown thought that when an object becomes a thing, it can no longer serve its common function.

From observing the relationship between object and people, I reform daily life objects into things that look similar but different. Thinking about the future with our habits are not working to help us become aware of the things effect on and around. We design things for our needs. Gradually, after we get used to using these objects we have made, and they form our habits. Once we resign to the present state and regard it as a matter of course, we then lose our ability to think about the things themselves. Most of us do not recognize that, and even if we do recognize the effect of a habit, we may incline to ignore it unconsciously by getting used to the newness, like a new door handle, a new chair. This kind of recognition is important for our future, and I want people to be able to rethink how design objects would shape their habit through this new experiment.


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